Top Mobile Ad Analytics (2023)

Updated: December 12, 2023

App marketers and brands have a number of channels to advertise their apps to acquire more users and increase their user base. Taking into account the reach, scale, and level of customization, we can split all those channels into Facebook & Google duopoly and everyone else. Every time app marketers or brands launch an ad campaign via the latter, they need third-party mobile ad analytics, in others words – a proper mobile attribution tool. Using such a tool, an app marketer is able to track and analyze how exactly his app is being connected with mobile users.

Because every mobile app has a different audience it appeals to, all those ad channels, outside of the Facebook & Google duopoly, are not equally efficient in connecting the app with its users, a mobile attribution tool allows to choose the right channels and focus ad budget on those.

Working with mobile ad analytics tools, app marketers can do the following:

  • Track an initial click on an ad. At this step an app attribution SDK register an instance of a click on an ad and captures such info as Advertising ID to identify an individual smartphone or tablet on which that click took place. As well as IP address, User agent, Timestamp and First Install parameter.
  • Attribute that click to a particular app install; and
  • Send notification to partners of installs and events through so-called server postback URLs.

Essentially, it’s impossible to run an effective app marketing campaign and being able to allocate ad budget efficiently without a sophisticated mobile attribution tracking solution.

To select a proper app attribution tool, app marketers need to check a particular solution against the following factors:

  • Attribution methodology – how particular app attribution solution provider determine sources of installs for your app
  • Dashboards and reporting – how comprehensive and easy to use its dashboard
  • Retargeting attribution – does a particular provider have retargeting attribution capabilities to report on app traffic sources during an app retargeting campaign or not.
  • Uninstalls reporting – knowing how many uninstalls an app is getting from particular traffic channels is essential to access its effectiveness
  • Fraud detection – mobile fraud is a full-blown disaster for today’s mobile advertising market. Providing ad fraud detection and identifying specific channels that facilitate fraud are always a big plus for an attribution provider.
  • Integration with self attribution networks (such as Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads and such)
  • Platform pricing based on a particular ad company needs and budgets.

On today’s app market the major companies are the following.

Top Mobile Ad Analytics

List of mobile ad analytics companies

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