Top App Engagement Platforms (2023)

Updated: December 15, 2023

Lack of user engagement and retention are the greatest challenges for app marketers, with churn rates growing to become fairly common. So, working with the top app engagement platforms and services can help secure the long term success of your mobile app.

App engagement platforms help app marketers attract and retain users, allowing you to analyze customer behavior and integrate personalized communication methods. Mobile retention companies therefore cover every aspect of an app marketing campaign within one single platform.

In this guide, we will dive deep into this marketing format that is mobile app engagement, and how the best players in the industry can help you engage with your target users through highly effective mobile engagement techniques.

What is mobile app engagement?

App engagement describes a set of metrics that show how much and in what ways users interacted with your app. These engagement metrics usually include the number of times a user opens your app, session duration and what events or actions users undertook while using your services.

Moreover, mobile app engagement platforms and services enable app marketers and product managers to manage the process of engaging with users. They support methods, like push notifications and personalization, and provide efficient tracking of key data to make sure the mobile marketing strategy is working.

This marketing concept entails several engagement strategies that will keep users interested in your app, increasing customer retention by attracting them with personalized product recommendations and fine-tune message content.

These app engagement tools are important when it comes to app marketing. But there are several more reasons why you should prioritize customer engagement, and why you should work with an app engagement company that provides everything you need in one single platform.

Why is customer engagement important?

With a plethora of mobile apps being available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, users have endless options to choose from, making the app market incredibly competitive for marketers today. Expectations are set extremely high, and, hence, so are churn and uninstall rates.

In fact, every 1 in 2 apps is uninstalled already in the first month of being downloaded, with the average app losing about $33,000 a month, due to uninstalls. This just shows how much of a challenge it is for apps to keep their users engaged.

On the other hand, 90% of users who engage with an app even just once a week are more likely to stay interested in its product and services. Customer engagement efforts are therefore crucial for creating and maintaining top-level user experience in order to successfully meet their expectations and needs.

By developing a closer relationship with your acquired users, you can turn one-time users into lifetime customers. User acquisition and retention are both priorities in your marketing strategy, as the mobile app market becomes more competitive. Therefore, app engagement is the leading marketing concept that motivates users to keep coming back to your app.

Now that you understand the importance of mobile app engagement, let us take a look at how exactly to increase engagement, and keep your users interested at every point of the journey.

How do I increase mobile app engagement?

The number one reason why users stop using, or worse, uninstall an app is because they don’t need it as much.

So, you need to understand what will keep your users active and interested in your app. Making your services highly interactive can mean different approaches depending on the nature of each individual app.

But the goal is still the same: To increase the value of your app to users and build a long-term relationship with them.

Just because your app has been downloaded by target users, it does not mean the app will be used – installing an app is just the starting point. Mobile app engagement is therefore the determining factor for the long term of your success.

Smooth onboarding

You want to make the onboarding process as straight-forward and simple as possible. If the introduction to your app is too complicated, there is a high chance users will abandon your app – and in worse case, without using it even once.

An efficient onboarding process consists of reducing the complexity of creating an account and signing up, and introducing the app’s features and quality functionality just enough – not overwhelming users right away.

An enjoyable onboarding process will also ensure a positive app experience, making your users want to continue to engage with your product and services.

Use push notifications

To continue to engage with your users that have already downloaded and installed your app, you want to optimize push notifications to remind them of your app’s features and their benefits.

Including the right messaging and sending this to users as a pop-up notification at the right moment can greatly improve app engagement, re-emphasizing the value and importance of your services to your users.

Pro tip: geo-targeting is an effective method, for example, to give users a personalized experience by sending a push notification about a service based on their location. Remember, this method needs to be consistent in order to retain and engage users.

Integrate offerwall & incentivized advertising

If your mobile app includes services that allow you to offer reward or loyalty programs, you want to take advantage of offerwall and incentivized advertising.

In-app purchasing that includes discount offers and rewards, is a monetization model that incentivizes users with usage-based offers to use your product. This app engagement strategy makes users feel valued and important to a brand, making them want to interact with your app further.

Personalize in-app messages

Customer engagement and retention increases when brands communicate and interact with their users via in-app messages.

While in-app messages do not motivate direct or immediate action from users, they are still important to keep people updated on any current news or status, keeping your mobile app ‘alive’.

The messages can include:

Personalized in-app messages

Pro tip: Make sure your in-app messages are real-time updates as well as personalized content that feels organic and individual, basing them on users’ preferred interests, behavior, gender and age.

But aiming for a high number of downloads and installs is only a part of app marketing, and merely the starting point of the journey.

You want to keep users engaged through bespoke methods – or, you can work with app engagement platforms and companies that will make your mobile app stand out in the highly competitive app landscape.

Top App Engagement Platforms

How do mobile engagement platforms work?

Mobile engagement platforms cover every aspect of the mobile marketing journey, integrating effective strategies as well as retrieving data to track the performance of the marketing efforts, maximizing the success of our app engagement.

In essence, customer engagement platforms provide you just the tools and equipment you need to efficiently interact with your users as well as to track their behavior, and see if your engagement tactics are actually working.

Think of app engagement as a marketing format that enables business communication between you and your users, through multiple channels, like the app itself, email and SMS. This connection with customers aims to build loyalty and long term satisfaction and involvement.

Top mobile engagement platforms also make sure data and personalized messages are accurate and integrated properly with, for example, mobile email campaigns. These companies share this insightful data with a mobile analytics dashboard, ensuring the best results for your campaign.

Customer engagement platform features

Integrated analytics tools, such as notification responses or email views, can easily help create accurate user personas, allowing you to effectively categorize users into segments. This way, you can create more personalized messages and target these various groups with notifications based on their specific, unique behaviors.

Partnering with top app engagement companies and platforms will allow marketers to stay ahead of the game in the mobile app realm, keeping your app up-to-date, with a loyal customer base.

What are the benefits of working with top app engagement platforms?

Hiring the best app engagement company out there promises the most effective mobile marketing campaign, including tools and strategies, such as in-app messaging, push notifications and email marketing that are personalized to your target users.

Customer engagement platforms will make sure your users are satisfied and their needs stay fulfilled, retaining them far beyond the moment they download and install your app. So the true value of our services and product will be showcased to users, through tailored messaging and notifications.

Keeping track of your app engagement efforts are crucial to get a better understanding of your ROI, and building a long term relationship with your customers. User behavior data is therefore an integral part of the app engagement process, and only the best mobile engagement companies will provide qualitative efforts, at every step of your campaign.

Having an accurate database and an efficient platform that translates this information into functional efforts to enhance your app, will significantly improve the overall user experience, resulting in the sustainable and long term success of your mobile app.

Below, we have listed the top app engagement companies and platforms that will increase user interaction, app retention rates and conversion rates.

List of the Top App Engagement Platforms and Companies

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