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We bring you insights into app marketing, UA, app engagement, app revenue, ASO, app analytics, and more.

The Business of Apps podcast brings you actionable insights from the leaders of the global app industry and the world’s fastest-growing apps.

We cover a broad spectrum of app marketing topics such as – app promotion, app retention, app monetization, app advertising, app user acquisition, and more. We are committed to helping as many app brands’ marketing teams as possible to be more knowledgeable and efficient, grow their app user base quicker, make fewer mistakes, and be known about the latest and greatest for the app marketing world.

Today’s app industry is really dynamic and unforgiving for not adopting a holistic approach to app marketing and making sure all pieces of the puzzle are in-app analytics, native and paid user acquisition as well as PR, influencer marketing, and more. This podcast is your source to expand your knowledge in these areas.

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The show has been on air almost without interruption since December, 2019. Tens of thousands people listened to more than 150 episodes that cover the whole spectrum of app industry topics.

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The show has been consistently ranked within the Top 5 for app marketing on the Apple Podcasts directory.

On a week of its release, every episode generates 100+ downloads, and 100+ downloads down the road, continuously attracting people to the topic brought up in the episode and the company that brought it up.



Artem Dogtiev

Head of Content at Business Of Apps

Twitter | Linkedin

Art has been in digital marketing since the early 2000s, started as a Search Engine Optimization guy in a software development company.

Switching several jobs in digital marketing, in late 2009 he joined a mobile software powerhouse and began a career as a mobile app marketer. 6 years later he joined Soko Media to help expand and improve its content.

Fast forward – on a snowy day in late December 2019 he recorded the first episode of the Business Of Apps podcast. The idea behind the podcast was to give Business Of Apps a voice, let people listen to candid conversations with app industry professionals, and get insight into app marketing, growth, advertising, and more.

Art is deeply into questions like “Who are we as species? Where are we heading to?” He likes traveling, reading, tech, physics, psychology, anthropology, and listening to podcasts a lot.

Business Of Apps podcast is the leading app industry podcast that gives you a chance to listen to app marketing, development, and advertising experts that move the app industry forward.

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