Top Mobile Measurement Partners (2023)

Updated: December 15, 2023

Mobile measurement partners (MMP) are a crucial component of a business, helping mobile marketers better understand and measure their brand’s campaign performance. In order to excel with your mobile app in the market, making data-driven choices are key. Hence, user acquisition measurement will help keep track of your efforts and ensure that these pay off.

With the help of MMP attribution, app marketers can accurately analyze key metrics, such as user acquisition, installs, app engagement and conversion rates, making it easier to manage budget relocation, and to understand what medium is performing best.

Drawing from industry professionals, and relevant facts and figures, in this guide we take a deep dive into the inner workings of mobile measurement platforms and how they can benefit the app analytics side of things when it comes to your mobile app.

What is a mobile measurement partner (MMP)?

A mobile measurement partner, or mobile attribution, provides a bigger picture of the mobile advertising campaign. Consider them the middleman between your mobile app and all the other marketing and analytics tools, who pinpoints the money-making sources, including the mediums that aren’t performing so well. This provides marketers the opportunity to tweak their marketing strategy accordingly and improve the app’s performance overall.

Mobile attribution tools typically use tracking features that give a thorough breakdown of the user journey and conversion funnel, and an impartial overview of mobile attribution, helping app marketers understand the ROI of their marketing campaigns, and how to further enhance their strategies.

MMPs use a variety of technology to measure and attribute mobile events for brand marketing campaigns on the largest platforms. Marketers are then able to see how successful their campaigns, ads, creatives and messaging were in terms of profitable action, with the ability to dissect the data into several layers and dimensions.

In essence, mobile measurement partners not only provide special access to backend data, but they also offer rich and combined data that reveals insights for further optimization and growth.

Why do I need a mobile measurement partner?

Monitoring mobile app performance can be a complex task that usually requires advanced tools to identify the core factors that are determining the success of the app. Mobile events, such as user behavior can tell you what needs improving, testing or removing so that time and budgets are invested into analytics wisely.

When looking at app development benchmarks, the cost of just a simple app development can range between $16,000 to $32,000, with more complex development processes amounting to $72,000 and over. Furthermore, hiring a US app developer can cost approximately $150,000 a year. So, you need to know where your budget is going and how it is distributed and spent, especially when you are investing a great amount into your mobile app.

Even if your mobile app is making significant revenue, if you cannot tell which medium is generating such high conversions, or from which sources users are clicking through to your site, and who these users are, this can create an issue when trying to sustain these wins. This is where MMPs come in and make mobile marketing easier for you.

What are the advantages of mobile measurement platforms?

Mobile measurement platforms are useful for marketers that want to monitor performance on multiple ad networks. They enable users to get a deeper understanding of how their campaigns are playing out across networks, with the ability to compare each of them as well.

The data that MMPs deliver that are usually not accessible in various ad networks are, for example, customer life value (CLV), ROI, conversion rates and third-party MMP attribution tools. When your mobile app enters the competitive market and starts to achieve high growth and visibility, you want to go beyond the generic analytics tools and partner with MMPs that will help provide more insights into the mediums and sources of each and every install.

MMPs surpass the limitations monitoring tools by allowing marketers to attribute the click sources to an app install, including any in-app events that occur after the app has been downloaded. MMPs also verify the performance of each publisher, saving time and resources, and knowing which are the best performing platforms to invest more in.

Evaluate and optimize your campaigns, and compare cross-platform performance to ensure long term success of your marketing efforts when working with mobile measurement platforms.

Understanding now how MMPs work will be worth it in order to make the right decision when choosing the partner for your mobile app. So, let us take a look at the process of MMP marketing.

How does MMP advertising work?

MMP advertising uses technological advances and certifications to provide insightful performance and attribution data that are essential for app growth. Mobile measurement partners typically offer a Software Development Kit (SDK), which is to be installed into your mobile app in order to link any engagement activity, including app installs and other in-app events.

The SDK attributes key performance metrics to the source and medium, and to the marketing campaign they originate from, allowing marketers to get a granular insight into where users are coming from, how they interacted with the app, and which creatives won them over.

Here are some of the several core capabilities that a typical MMP includes:

  • Measuring and reporting on performance across multiple channels, including mobile apps, SMS, referrals, ad networks, and email, with the help of an open integration method
  • Monitoring and analyzing specific ROI metrics throughout customer journey, with mobile attribution
  • Preventing ad fraud and investing ad budgets wisely, identifying real users with fraud detection methods
  • Segmenting audiences with effective tools in order to draw actionable insights from the data

In essence, mobile measurement partners provide marketers the ability to get a deeper understanding of their campaign performance on all platforms as well as cross-platform data that will inform the further growth of their mobile app. The key features include accurate attribution, customer lifetime values, and more.

How do I choose a mobile measurement partner?

Now that we understand how an MMP works, and the core capabilities they include to help mobile marketers excel in their campaigns, let us dive into how exactly to choose the best MMP.

When making your decision on the top mobile measurement partner to work with, there are key factors to keep in mind along the selection process.

Data security and privacy

These features are important and need to be prioritized with any vendor that has access to your customer’s data. Marketers must make sure the MMP is an independent and impartial referee that isn’t misusing your data whilst measuring attribution.

Fraud detection and prevention

A well-established mobile measurement platform will offer extensive market intelligence when it comes to detecting and blocking ad fraud, or any fraudulent activity for that matter.

An impartial platform will be dedicated to maintaining a fraud-free monitoring system, removing the invalid sources and mediums. This will ensure you receive genuine ROI metrics that you can work with to improve your campaign performance.

Data accuracy

The absence of comprehensive data and multi-touch attribution (MTA) will lead to limited insight into your customer journey, and, therefore, to most likely inaccurate decisions around your campaign. That is why accurate, real-time data and cross-channel attribution are essential features for a top MMP.

The right MMP will be able to deliver a wide range of valuable, clear insights that are easily accessible and to maintain.

User experience

Mobile measurement technology can be very complex to set up and maintain in order to create a stable and accurate platform with a pleasant user experience. And any decision you make for your business, including the kind of MMP you choose to partner with, will be highly impactful in the longer term.

So, a solid mobile measurement platform that comes with a loyal customer base and full-fledged resources will support the growth of your mobile apps, including its needs.

Below we have compiled a list of the top mobile measurement partners. Consider the criteria that we have presented above when selecting the platform for your business, and see how they take your mobile app to further heights with the best players out there.

List of mobile measurement partners

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Download our MMP Buyers Guide
Find out everything you need to know about Mobile Measurement Partners, their features and how to choose the right one.
Download our MMP Buyers Guide
Download our MMP Buyers Guide
Find out everything you need to know about Mobile Measurement Partners, their features and how to choose the right one.
Download our MMP Buyers Guide