About PIN, Inc.

Brief history

Starting in the Fall of 1989, Public Information Network, Inc. evolved from the computerized bulletin boards that appeared at the start of the internet age. It’s early vision was to use internet technology to increase information exchange within and among the governments and citizens of communities, especially Chapel Hill. Gradually the focus changed as government got its own web sites, the technology became easier to use, and nonprofit groups increasingly adopted the technology. We began to see our role as one of aiding nonprofits get access to the technology and the knowledge to use it and to ‘bridge the digital divide’ between individuals and groups with internet access and those without it.

Today our focus is on moving nonprofits up the scale in terms of ability to exploit more features of internet technology beyond the basic web site.

We incorporated in 1990 as Public Information Network, Inc. but have also been doing business as RTPnet, NCTech4Good Conference, and, back in the old days, Triangle Free-Net. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

We are staffed by volunteers so we are always stretching ourselves to learn and be able to pass on to our members and the public additional competencies. Please join us if you’d like to help.

The organization’s timeline, news articles, proposals and much more are online in our archive.


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