Genshin Impact Revenue and Usage Statistics (2023)

Louise Wylie

Updated: August 8, 2023

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game, set in a fantasy open-world of nations with four interchangeable characters. Players can level up characters’ abilities for use in battle, and additional players can be purchased or unlocked through gameplay. The game allows for cross-platform play on mobile, PC, and PlayStation, with a co-op mode for up to four players.

Inspired mainly by the Legend of Zelda, developers began to work on the game in 2017 with a budget of $100 million. It was intended to combine anime elements with elements from real-world cultures with each region in the game representing a region of the world.

The game received widespread public attention leading up to its release, with over 10 million registrations. It was downloaded over 23 million times in the first week after its launch, and earned more than $400 million within four months.

Some users of the game have made allegations of racism, as the only playable dark-skinned characters are described as “scary” or “exotic” and have relatively underpowered kits. miHoYo is also subject to the Chinese government’s censorship policy and so some terms are restricted within the in-game chat, including “Hong Kong” and “Taiwan”.

Genshin Impact was miHoYo’s first game to gain a lot of attention from both Western and Eastern audiences. The video game developer has been around since 2011, with its most prominent release before Genshin being Honkai Impact 3rd.

miHoYo plan for updates to be introduced every six weeks and have confirmed the development of the game on Nintendo Switch. Manga on the background of the characters and world has also been released, with an anime adaptation to be created with Japanese studio Ufotable.

We have collected data and statistics on Genshin Impact. Read below to find out more.

Genshin Impact Key Statistics

  • In 2022 Genshin Impact generated $1.5 billion in iOS and Android in-app purchases, up from $1.2 billion the previous year
  • There were 4.8 monthly active users on average in 2022. Overall monthly users peaked in September 2020 at 7.9 million
  • Genshin Impact has been downloaded over 139 million times since its release in 2020

Genshin Impact Overview

TitleTitle 2
Launch dateSeptember 2020
HQShanghai, China
PeopleCai Haoyu (CEO, co-founder, producer), Jim Yang (president), Yin Chunbo (vice-president)
Business typeSubsidiary
IndustryMobile games

Genshin Impact Revenue

In-app purchases on iOS and Android generated $1.5 billion revenue in 2022 but AppMagic reported only $53.8 million in revenue in May 2023, the lowest month on record for the game. Total revenue surpassed $4 billion by the end of 2022.

Genshin Impact annual in-app revenue 2020 to 2022 ($bn)

YearRevenue ($bn)

Source: AppMagic, Sensor Tower

Genshin Impact Users

Monthly active users of Genshin Impact peaked at its launch in September 2020 at 7.9 million and has remained around 4.8 million users in 2021 and 2022.

Genshin Impact annual monthly active users 2020 to 2022 (mm)

YearUsers (mm)

Source: Statista

Genshin Impact Downloads

Genshin Impact has been downloaded 139.5 million times since its release. In the last quarter of 2022 the game was downloaded 12.9 million times.

Genshin Impact annual cumulative downloads 2020 to 2022 (mm)

YearCumulative downloads (mm)

Source: AppMagic

Genshin Impact FAQ

Which country spends the most on Genshin Impact?

41% of all revenue in 2023 was generated by users in China, followed by 23.5% in Japan, 10.9% in the USA and 6.7% in South Korea, according to AppMagic.

How many times has the game been installed?

In May 2023, the game was installed around 4 million times, in line with previous months, AppMagic reports.

How much revenue does the Genshin Impact developer earn?

HoYoverse, Genshin Impact’s international distributor, made $3.8 billion in 2022 for a net income of $2.3 billion.

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